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Risk Management Programs & Training Program Design

Firefighting today is a highly complex and risk-laden operation. We have taken on new and more challenging roles than our forefathers ever imagined. The traditional role of firefighter has evolved from the fire watch and prevention volunteer to the active and highly trained firefighter of today. The fire service has struggled to change with the times while remaining true to our long-time traditions.

This is our great challenge: how to honor the traditional instincts that our forefathers had as firefighters and still move forward with the new technologies that complicate our tasks.

Training: Innovative, Instinctual, Realistic

Tradition meets innovation. These words are the basis of The Vision One Group training programs. Only through the development of firefighters' instincts can we achieve the right balance between knowledge and applied skill. With training that develops the right instincts about when, where, and how to use new technologies, we produce the most highly trained and competent firefighter.

Risk Management Programs
The core of any risk management program is the ability to predict the future. By the analysis of past data we can effectively predict the future. With proper application of the data, we set about training to reduce the likelihood of negative consequences.

"All actions require decisions. All decisions have consequences. Risk management strikes at the very heart
of decision making. We can make the consequences
of our decisions consistently positive."
- Marty Mayes


Marty Mayes, President

  • River Oaks Fire Department
  • Captain-Training Division
  • Certification Coordinator
  • 20 years of municipal firefighting experience
  • 15+ years emergency medical technician (EMT)
  • 10 years in law enforcement
  • 7 years in corporate and personal security services including contract firefighting

  • Instructor for law enforcement
  • Instructor Level II for fire protection technology
  • Arson investigator
  • Peace officer
  • First aid and CPR instructor
  • Advanced level firefighter

Proven Programs

The Vision One Group assists fire departments with:

  • Making the transition from volunteer to paid or combination staff
  • Risk management seminars
  • Customized risk management programs and SOP guides
  • Comprehensive training curricula
  • Consulting on implementing risk management and training programs
  • Leadership coaching

Also available for speaking engagements.

"Talent is God-given; be humble.
Success is man-made; be thankful.“

"Our actions today, now, will be the future data from
which others will learn.
We are the stewards of this information.
Are you prepared for that responsibility?"

Marty Mayes, June 2006
Fire Service Risk Management Seminars

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